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The exclusion of refrigerator filter clogging what method is there?

[edit] 2014-11-17 17:25:25

The main reason of causing the refrigerator filter clogging isdirty. The usual practice is to remove the filter to exclude dirt,use gasoline cleaning, after cleaning is put into an oven drying.Although this method can thoroughly eliminate the dirt, but need theunsoldering filter, eliminate dirt, and welding filters, vacuum pumping, filling refrigerant etc. also, procedures and more trouble.The following two ways, can avoid the unsoldering filter.

(1) the electric iron heating filter clogging there are quite a few reasons are oil, caused by coagulation of impurities, especially winter refrigerator disabled after a period of time, oil, filtering net impurities coagulated together, blocked filter. Electric soldering iron to a 300 to 500 watts, to filter network site, ohmic heating 1 - 2 hours, to be a filter shell temperature to 80 C for 90, the refrigerator starts immediately, and the electric iron is removed, find a square wood pad in the filter below, beating thefilter shell gently with a mallet. The oil pollution has beensoftened by heating, separated from the filtering net in thepercussion vibration, in the refrigeration system of high pressure refrigerant pressure impact, wash away dirt, prompting the filter blocking. Can be repeated several times, until smooth so far.

(2) a piece of metal screens with alcohol lamp heating method, bent into arc pad in the filter below; and with a thin iron sheet covered in filter top. Use of an alcohol lamp, alignment filter lower heating. Because of metal screens shield, flame can avoid direct contact with the filter and cause local overheating. In the upper part of the filter is covered by a thin iron plate enclosure under the action of heat applied uniformly across the filter, prompting the softening oil. Insulation after a certain time, the refrigerator starts to wash away dirt, refrigerant, prompting the filter blocking. Metal screens and the thin sheet iron pliers clamping,prevent fall.

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