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Refrigerator air drying filter how to change?

[edit] 2014-11-17 17:24:12
The normal operation of the refrigerator in the leak, ice jam ordirty conditions, is generally not required to replace the filter.If you want to change is simple. First open the press process pipe,the refrigerant release, and then welded on the new technology of tube, pressure gauge and. Then cut off the gas of high pressurecapillary, the remaining will be released, capillary port handle.Then the old filter welding, the same filter and then welding, the capillary is inserted 1 cm more, welding. Then take time,quantitative add refrigerant, and sealing. Pay attention not towelding plug, can close the table before evacuation valve, boot,such as system within the airflow noise, cut after the shutdownpressure energy recovery, no blocking.

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